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Looking for artist to perform at your venue. We have 50 artist around the world in multiple types of genre of music from Rock, Pop, Hip Hop/Rap, Country, Rock Instrumental and many others. Feel free to visit our Artist page to review the artist. Contact Mervilton Records for more information. We look forward to partner up with your Venue as well with other Booking agents. Feel free to visit our artist menu to get an idea what they sound like. We are currently looking for sponsors to help with assisting in our project.




Performing Artist

Tenpenny Joke (Alternative) - Australia
Wildon Ash (Alternative) - United States
Erik Tornqvist and The River Band (Alternative Country) - Sweden
Noir Project (Alternative) - Italy
Hot Sunday Blood (Alternative) - Italy
Superstar Tradesmen (Indie Rock) - Ireland
Ashleigh K (Pop/Singer) - United Kingdom
La'Kei (Pop/R&B) - United States
Jay Matthews (Hip Hop/Rap) - United States
Tayo Dash (Hip Hop/Rap) - United States
Ponce Juno (Hip Hop/Rap) - United States
Boc (Hip Hop/Rap) - United States
Jungle & Taniesha (Hip Hop/Rap) - United States
Philly Phil (Hip Hop/Rap) - United States
Wil Ease (R&B/Soul/Hip Hop) - United States
Addeezy Da Don (Hip Hop/Rap) - United States
J.R. Chrome (Hip Hop/Rap) - United States
Young Kong (Hip Hop/Rap) - Canada
Deeboy Fresh (Hip Hop/Rap) - United States
Raahk (R&B/Pop/Neo Soul) - United States
Greg Davies (Rock Instrumental) - United States
Maffeo (Rock Acoustic) - United States






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