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We are currently seeking a sponsor for our record label. Currently we have 50 artists on our label.
From multiple genres of music. Mervilton Records is currently looking for sponsors for our website
and events coming up. We are asking for investors/sponsor/partner to provide us with capital assistance. Which will be used for marketing, advertising, & promoting sign/unsigned (talent) to showcase at (convert, major & special event, talent shows, radio promotion, website development).

We be dedicated to paying back investor money before we see profit along with the interest agreed upon by me and the investor. A percent of the cash will pay for marketing, advertising, and promoting for all music artist. We talked to them already but lack the funding.

We are looking for a investor/sponsor that could help us take our career to the next level. At the moment we been promoting, marketing our artist thru (5) of our distribution partners from the United States and United KIngdom. We have a link on our main page that will direct you with our partner in Believe Digital for you to check out some of our artist music on our roster. From this we would setup a Save the Music Concert Series that would have our artist perform in the colleges and universities.

The goal is for every event the gives us a discount at the day of the event. That we can give back a portion in donation to their schools. The whole idea is to give back to the Music Departments for them to buy instruments for their students.  Especially when the budgets are being cut programs like the Music Department.

Save the Music Concert Series is a great way for students to interact meeting actual musicians that are making it. What's like being signed to a label, music publishing company, music managers and music agents. The participants would need to be in joined effort in working together with everyone that is working on this tour. That includes from the record label, booking agent and artist manager for the label. Working together spreading the word out in social media for every city that we end up visiting. The more successful that we are working as one unit. The more successful we will be in the long run.


If you’re interested in becoming a an investor/sponsor contact 


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